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Cinnamon Powder

RM 17.90

Organically sourced authentic Sri Lankan cinnamon quills and powder are highly prized for its exquisite flavour and health benefits. Not to be confused with cassia bark, which is commonly sold as cinnamon, original Sri Lankan cinnamon is differentiated by its softer texture and lighter colour, and when rolled up forms multiple thin layers. Its flavour is equally distinctive, being warm, mellow and with hints of citrusy tones.

Did you know that there are different grades of Sri Lankan cinnamon? High quality cinnamon quills should have uniform thickness and colour, without patches of different colours on its surface. Our cinnamon powder is derived from a blend of various grades of pure cinnamon quills. Enjoy its smooth fragrance by adding it to your baking, stews, curries or even sprinkled over your beverages.